Covid-19 free rescheduling

In case that clients prior to the embarkation date cannot travel due to lockdowns, closing of borders, or flight cancellations, initiated by Official Authorities due to COVID-19, then clients are entitled to reschedule/postpone their charter dates in the season 2021 or 2022, free of charge and by only paying the difference in the charter fees if higher, and subject to availability.

 For any other circumstances, our normal 'Cancellation Policy’ /Condiții generale pentru închirierea vasului, point 6/ is applied. Please, see the attachment with terms and conditions.

* The following cases are not considered as travel restrictions and no refund will be issued for those:

     (a) Mandatory PCR Test request for entering Athens/Greece or/and for returning to the country of origin.

     (b) Mandatory quarantine for up to 7 days at the country of origin after the charter.