When is the best time for sailing in Greece?

Every time is the best time for sailing in Greece. The boats that are presented on BVA Charter platform are spacious with many extras – wide and cozy internal salon, cabins with separate air-conditioning.  During the warmer months you can enjoy swimming, diving, cliff jumping and SUP surfing jumping, while in the cooler months you can appreciate the peace and privacy that the islands offer and use your time for fishing, joining some yoga retreat or going for a romantic sailing with your beloved ones.


Is it safe to sail with catamaran?

Catamarans for double-hulled vessels, about three times wider than the mono-hull vessel, the heel (side rolling) is much smaller, which positively affects the stability of the vessel. Catamarans offer comfort, safety and spaciousness.


How do you define the sailing route?  

This is the best part. The route and pace of the whole cruise is determined by you. If you decide to rent a boat with an experienced skipper (it will be our pleasure to provide you with recommendations), you can rely on him entirely for advice and suggestions, as he knows the conditions for sailing and variety of beautiful seaside places, knows how to deal with the weather forecast to be always in favor of the customer.

To help you with the planning of your vacation, in section Destinations BVA Charter offers you proposals for different itineraries and descriptions of some interesting sights.


How can I get to Alimos Marina?

We can assist you with transportation to/ from your place of arrival in Athens (airport or bus station) or to guide you in detail to reach your destination. From the airport there is a direct bus to the port of Alimos Marina.

If you travel by your own vehicle you can park for free in the port area. The catamarans and yachts can be reached by car, which facilitates the transfer of luggage and the loading of supplies.


What shall I carry with me?

To feel more comfortable on board and to have more space for yourself and your company, we advise you to carefully pick your luggage. For your safety and comfort we recommend you pack your luggage in soft bags that are more compact and easy to store. In addition, the protection of the soft bags in case of rough sea is easy and safe.

The clothes which you will need is desirable to be both comfortable and from different type – for  warm and cold weather, at least one windproof jacket or a top, at least one pair of trousers with long legs. Shoes should be flat-soled, no heels or platforms. On board we walk barefoot or we have slippers only for this purpose and not carry them on outside. We highly recommend you to take your sun hat with you.

Sunscreen creams and lotions, insect repellent and lip balm is also recommended to be present in your luggage.

As for medicines and bandages - everyone has a '' mandatory content '' of his personal first aid kit, which usually travels. But apart from these "traditional" medicaments, it is better to take - just in case - medicines against seasickness, anti-allergic tablets or cream, fast-acting remedies against gastrointestinal disorders, patches and ointment against skin burns or inflammation.

On board we have a first-aid kit.


Can I take food and drink on board?

You can choose and take on board food and beverages you like. We are at your disposition if you need advice in terms of quantity. We recommend you to buy your food in Greece, just before boarding.

From BVA Charter we would like to take care of everything you need during your trip. The owner of the vessel can help you by providing food, drinks and other provisions. Just send us the information before traveling and specify the products that you would like to be loaded on board. You will pay only the cost of the goods, no extra service-costs.


Is there a kitchen on board?

Each boat has a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal. The equipment can include a gas stove, oven, microwave, barbecue, coffee maker, kettle for hot water dispenser for water.

For details, please see specifications section Catamarans/ Yachts.

For safety reasons, usually catamarans and yachts come with kitchen equipment and utensils made from shatterproof materials /metal, plastic, wood/.


What documents should I take?

Please remember to take with you:

1. International passport or identity card.

2. Confirmation of the reservation.

3. Insurance or European Health Insurance Card (if you have made such).

4. Valid document authorizing catamaran or yacht management, if you sail without skipper.

5. Cash for extra expenses and personal needs.


Аre the catamarans and yachts equipped with bed linen and towels?

Offered catamarans and yachts are equipped with bedroom sets and towels set in each room. It is necessary to take only your own beach towel. Towels that are provided on board, should not be used as beach towels.


How many people can gather a catamaran or a yacht?

The maximum number of guests depends on the size of the vessel you choose. For detailed information please see section Catamarans/ Yachts. If in addition to the skipper, you would like to hire additional crew like hostess or chef, please carefully plan the necessary space on board to get maximum comfort.


How is the price for renting a boat calculated – based on the number of people or is it a fixed price for the entire boat?

The price for renting is fixed for the entire boat, it is not calculated based on the number of the passengers. For more information, please see the discount terms in the general conditions.


What type is the electrical power aboard?

All catamarans we offer are equipped with AC power - AC 220 V, provided by a diesel generator during sailing and at anchor and an external power supply provided by the port. In parallel, catamarans offer 12V or 24V DC power supply ensured by special batteries rechargeable by the current derived from the port or solar panels and wind generators.

The electrical schemes of the catamarans are consistent with the need for use of mobile devices (phones, tablets, cameras, etc.) For this purposes the cabins of most of the catamarans are equipped with factory-installed USB sockets for charging. If your electrical devices use alternating current - 110 volts, please take with you your adapters.

Please see detailed information for each catamaran or yacht on our website.


What is “dinghy”?

Dinghy is an inflatable lifeboat with its own engine available on each rented catamaran or yacht. It is mandatory safety equipment according to the special requirements of the maritime administration. This condition does not prevent it to be used to move to and from the shore, as if we are at anchor or for the purpose of recreation, fishing, etc.


Is there Internet connection on board?

Most of the boats offer free Wi-Fi on board to a certain limit. Please check the list of specifications of the boat that you can hire.


When does the trip start and finish?

Guests are usually accommodated on Saturday afternoon, when the boat is cleaned, prepared for sailing and loaded with all necessary provisions. Usually this is done not later than 5  p.m. Of course, if everything is ready sooner, you can sail immediately. You should plan the sailing in a way that the boat should be returned to the port on Friday evening and checked-out no later than 9 a.m. on Saturday.

If you would like to rent a boat for a different or longer period of time, please let us know.


What is included in the price stated on the site?

The price includes rental of the boat.

For some of the offered catamarans or yachts in the rental price could be also included –damage check, cleaning, inspection of the vessel by divers, providing fresh linens and basic supplies (soap, detergents, etc.). These activities are carried out by a representative of the owner of the boat.

For detailed information please see section Catamarans/ Yachts.


What is not included in the price?

1. The payment for the services of a professional skipper. If you wish to hire a skipper indicated by us, the cost of the service is referred to each particular vessel.

2. Payment for the services of hostess, cook or another crew. Prices for these services are specified for each particular vessel.

3. Any supplies that can not be quantified at the beginning of the trip as: fuel (for main engines, generators and dinghies), port charges, consumption of electricity, water and services at the port, etc. are paid extra on the spot in cash. Deposit guarantee is also paid extra, not later than the date of sailing.


How to pay the sailing?

The Charter is paid in two installments:

• Advance payment: 50% of the amount for renting the vessel five days after signing the contract for booking.

• Final payment: the remaining 50% of the amount for renting the vessel – the latest one month before departure.

The amount may be paid in euro or leva in Bulgarian or Greek account of the owning company.

Detailed information about the payment method can be found in section terms and conditions.


What is the deposit guarantee for?

Deposit guarantee is used to recover damages or losses caused to the vessel, equipment and inventory during the charter, including as deductibles in case of an insurance event caused by the fault of the Customer. Deposit guarantee excludes damage or defects resulting from normal wear and tear during operation. The deposit is paid before departure (by bank transfer or cash) and is returned to the client after inspection of the boat when returning to port. The value of the deposit depends on the size of the boat you hire. The exact amount is specified in the list of characteristics of each boat (see section Catamarans / Yachts).


What is the cancellation policy and recovery of payments?

The procedure for charter cancellation depends on the date of cancellation and the date of the charter. For detailed information, please refer to section terms and conditions.


Does the boat go with a captain (skipper) or do I need to take care of the sailing?

Most boats offered by us are rented without crew. If you have experience and necessary document giving you the right to manage a specific vessel, you are free to decide whether to take control of the boat or to relax actively, while the skipper takes care of your pleasant and safe sailing.

If you still prefer to take control of the vessel personally, please have in mind that the Greek authorities require a minimum of a license/ certificate for sailing and an experienced crew member as assistant skipper. ASA & RYA certificates are fully recognized. Local port authorities may require additional declaration of sailing experience for the captain and the co-skipper. For detailed information, please see the section terms and conditions.


Why to hire a skipper?

To take the maximum of your holiday, we can recommend you a skipper, specially selected for you. The skipper knows the best places to berth, local conditions and specifics of the sailing areas and he is there for you to take you to the most beautiful places in Greece. When a professional take care of the condition and the equipment of boat you are exempt from liability for damage and injuries caused by the captain's error thus saving money, nerves and negative emotions.


Can I take my pet on board?

Each client is a special client to BVA Charter. If you want to take your pet on board, please inform us in advance. In such cases, the catamaran or yacht will have to pass through biological cleaning after your vacation is over. Its price is 300 euros. Yet your desire should be discussed with the other passengers before taking this decision.


Do I have to make a personal insurance?

All boats that our platform offers are insured, but these insurances do not cover personal health and "Life." We at BVA Charter advise you to make a personal insurance for all of you who will be on board. For more information we are at your disposal.